Better pharma solutions with KiSoft Vision.


KNAPP’s KiSoft Vision technology makes complying with new track & trace and serialization requirements easy, fast and accurate.

KiSoft Vision’s automated data capture technology enables total compliance withthe regulatory mandate for track & trace accuracy. For more about KNAPP’s flexible, safe, advanced pharma solutions, let’s schedule a meeting at ProMat.

KNAPP pharma solutions are positively visionary!

  • KiSoft Vision performs automated data capturing for accurate and efficient track, trace and serialization functions to meet the new regulatory mandate
  • Makes 100% order check possible
  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic all-in-one picking solutions to suit your error-free picking needs
  • A-frame, central belt and vision technologies are integrated to reduce order cycle time, labor and order accuracy
  • Space-saving storage and efficient replenishment with KNAPP’s OSR Shuttle™
  • KNAPP-Store for automated picking of slow and medium moving items
  • Our ergonomic work station Pick-it-Easy Health ensures error-free order fulfillment with up to 1,000 picks per hour

At KNAPP, we’ve been in the logistics business for 60 years, focused on innovation that makes complexity simple.

ProMat 2015

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